Career Tech Education Needs Your Help!

Hi All -

Tiffany Morse and I spent the past few days meeting with all of our local state legislators about funding for Career Technical Education ("CTE"). Everyone was extremely receptive to our input.

As of today, it is unclear how the legislators and the Governor will fund these very important programs. We are hearing proposals that would decimate all that we have accomplished in the past few years, as well as proposals that would permit CTE to grow. We are urging adoption of the Assembly plan, AB 1743, which would continue the existing competitive grant funding model.

The WEC Coalition letter, that many of you have signed, has been very persuasive in Sacramento. Staffers urge us to expand the signatories to the Coalition so that they can continue to use the letter to gather support for the Assembly funding plan.

If you have already joined Coalition, thank you! If you have not signed on, please click the link below to see the letter and join the Coalition. Your support will help to maintain and expand Ventura County's CTE programs.