CNC Routers for STEM Teachers


This week Alex Wulff, a STEM teacher at De Anza Academy of Technology and the Arts, joined the Manufacturing Guild X  to discuss his classroom and his plans for an exciting new project. 

Alex structures all of his classroom lessons around project-based learning.  His methods cause his students to become passionate and curious about science and technical skills.  His class has a waiting list and has inspired many female or low performing students to succeed in STEM.

Inspired by his teaching experience, Alex created a non-profit organization to instruct teachers to operate CNC routers, to build their own creations, and, hopefully, to take the machinery to the classroom in the fall. 

Alex’s project will make a difference to students, teachers and ultimately, Ventura County employers!  The WEC is excited to partner with Alex this summer for a Manufacturing STEM-Ersion which will immerse teachers in the manufacturing sector while Alex instructs them in CNC router operation.

If you would like to participate in the STEM-Ersion, please contact Marybeth Jacobsen at