"Girls enter tech world through the hospital"

Simi Valley Acorn reporter Hector Gonzalez's story on  the WEC's IT STEM-Equity Tour is terrific!  He captured Tuesday's events and explained why the tour was so important for our girls.  As he explains: "Although women account for 59 percent of the U.S. workforce, men dominate the IT industry. About 70 percent of the workers at 10 of the nation’s largest tech companies are men, according to diversity reports the firms released in 2014." 

Through this tour, and more like it, the WEC will change this statistic and inspire girls to pursue dreams in STEM careers.

A huge thank you to our partners in the IT departments of the City of Simi Valley and Simi Valley Hospital, as well as  the Simi Valley Acorn for helping us raise awareness of these important issues.

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