STEM-Ersion Teacher's Classroom

Teacher Kim Brown from CAPE Charter School attended the WEC's 2017  Agriculture STEM-Ersion and 2016 Biotech STEM-Ersion.   Drawing upon the project based learning lessons provided in the STEM-Ersions, her students built a DNA helix using marshmallows. Next,  the  class extracted DNA from their cheeks to see how DNA is removed from cells for use in a laboratory. The students were amazed at how easy it is to pull DNA from their own cells! 

We are delighted to see STEM-Ersion lessons introduced into the classroom.  STEM-Ersion teacher immersion programs are designed to give educators the opportunity to see what they teach at work in industry.  The STEM-Ersion also provides teachers with ideas and materials for project based learning lessons that get students excited about science and interested in STEM careers .

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