Teacher Programs

In 2013, the Workforce Education Coalition developed industry tour programs to introduce high school students to in-demand vocational and STEM careers. Interest in career exploration opportunities was so great that the WEC expanded its program offerings to include STEM-Ersions for teachers, STEM-Equity programs for girls, monthly Entrée to Employment industry sector dinners and several special projects for the business community.

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WEC Teacher Programs connect middle and high school teachers with community businesses.  These experiences help teachers ignite curiosity in students and make classroom lessons more relevant to the training of skilled workers.



WEC’s STEM-Ersions are two day professional development programs that give educators the opportunities to explore workforce needs with industry leaders, and to gain information that helps them keep their lessons up to date.  Day one consists ofindustry tours which expose teachers to cutting edge technology and skills valued by industry.  On day two, a curriculum designer demonstrates project based learning lessons drawn from the STEM-Ersion experience. Teachers are given materials to introduce the projects into their classrooms.  Each teacher also receives a stipend for participating in the STEM-Ersion.


Industry Tours

WEC Industry Tours bring teachers in  contact with local industries.  Teachers learn what skills employers value in employees and what education students need to be successful  job applicants.  In addition, they bring back to their classrooms real world examples of  how what they teach is used in industry.