Student Industry Tours

WEC tours bring students into the workplace to offer them the opportunity to see what it’s like to work in their fields of interest. On the tour, they also get a chance to speak with professionals who know what skill training is key to job success. Our post-tour surveys confirm that these tours open students’ eyes to new possibilities.

STEM-Equity Girls' Tour:

Junior high and high school girls learn about women in manufacturing from Rosie the Riveter to 21st century engineers by touring manufacturing plants and speaking with female engineers, floor supervisors and department managers. A college professor caps the day with an Exploration of STEM careers.



Manufacturing Tour:

Students visit a local technical training institute then tour manufacturing plants where they see CNC machines and CAD/CAM systems in operation. They watch metal change from raw material to intricate aerospace parts, and learn about the importance of quality control and inspection programs. Throughout the day, plant owners provide career pathway advice stressing the importance of soft skills like teamwork, dependability and customer service.



Healthcare Tour:

Students tour an imaging center to learn about jobs with ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, mammography and X-Ray. At the Regional Child Development Center, they explore careers in pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapies. Simi Valley Hospital invites students to suit up to tour the heart catheterization lab and to speak with the lab nursing staff. They also get to hear 911 tape replays before the day concludes with an ambulance tour and a conversation with the hospital CEO.


Environmental Science Tour:

At the Waste Management Landfill and Recycling Center students learn how the landfill creates and uses green energy from landfill gas, get a close up look at the Organics and Construction & Demolition Recycling Facility, and visit Waste Management’s certified Wildlife Habitat Conservation Programs. Next stop is the Simi Valley Water Quality Control Plant which treats approximately 10 million gallons of wastewater each day and is implementing the West Simi Valley Water Recycling Plan.


IT Tour:

Students from seven high schools throughout Ventura County are given a tour of the Simi Valley Police Department and City Hall. They were shown the wide variety of IT careers available at the government level and given advice from current professionals as to the different pathways to an IT career. Highlights from the tour included visiting the city’s super computer, learning about cyber security, and seeing the police department’s intricate tracking, monitoring, and communication network.