Participant Comments

Following every program, the WEC requests that participants complete anonymous surveys.  There are multiple opportunities to provide written comments as well as quantitative scoring of program elements.  The comments are very telling, particularly those written by students.  Their anecdotal remarks give us a window into their career thinking and impress upon us how important industry immersion opportunities are to their education today, as well as to their career planning tomorrow.

Student Comments

  • What I enjoyed most about the tour today was seeing how many professions there are in manufacturing/engineering and learning about them.
  • For some of us, it’s a process of elimination, so exploring it is valuable. I enjoyed touring the children’s hospital today and seeing the speech and occupational therapists.
  • All the places we went to were extremely interesting and had something to do with the field I want to get in when I pursue my career.
  • This whole experience has enlightened me and motivated me to do something great with my life.
  • I love how I got to see so many different fields and hear all about them. This trip made me realize there are a lot of possibilities.
  • I like knowing that we can be whatever we want if we work hard.
  • Today I was made aware of potential healthcare internship opportunities in my community.
  • I’ve learned there are a lot more steps in becoming a cardiologist. It’s going to be harder than I thought, but this has inspired me.
  • Today was a good day. I am now more knowledgeable than I was yesterday and for that I am thankful.
  • We all got to learn about various health occupations inside the hospitals. Also, in case I don’t go into my career of choice, I have some as my backup.
  • I liked how the health professionals showed us their equipment and discussed about how they got their job.
  • What I liked about today was that we got to see and learn new things about three different shops. Also, I liked that I got to learn new things about how to get a job and how to make a good first impression.
  • I loved the tour of the hospital and the child development services. It made me change my perspective on so many things.
  • I would recommend that other students have the opportunity of this tour.


Teacher Comments

  • STEM-Ersion exposes us to relevant and up to date career information that we can in turn pass to our students. These events also renew energy and passion in STEM as educators.
  • I see how there needs to be shifts in what I teach.
  • Many students in middle school are experiencing science for the first time. This is often the time students find their love of science that may turn into their future career.
  • There is so much that students and teachers can learn. It makes what we do relevant and we can directly see what areas that we need to stress and we need to bring into the classroom. Employers benefit because we can help prepare students and ignite curiosity.
  • Teachers need access to professional experiences in order to adjust their education to foster the development of skills needed in the field and to be able to best advise students as to what careers to look into.
  • The flow charts, work-flow, whiteboard and work areas we observed gave me a better idea of the types of tools and procedures students need to understand. I appreciated hearing how important “process” is. “Process” thinking and teaching is messy and inconvenient, but clearly is valued by industry, so I will do more with mapping processes and graphically tracking workflow.
  • Educators need to be exposed to what future and current workers need. How can we help our students prepare if we are not aware of what is needed by the private sector?
  • I have concrete examples to plot seeds of interest early on with my middle schoolers. They need these tangible, vibrant connections.
  • I could easily see the direct application of further extensions of what I am teaching my own students, the importance of it, and areas that I need to further explore with my students.
  • Very impressed with the technology and the willingness of the scientists in sharing with the educators. I took a tour with high school teachers approximately six years ago and this was not the experience I had then…. well done!
  • Tours add what I can share with students about the amazing wide variety of careers there are in Ventura County.
  • It brings relevance to what we bring to the students in the classroom.
  • How can teachers teach about industry without being exposed to what is happening in the real world?
  • [Day two of the STEM-Ersion] is hands on and applicable to course content and the NGSS. Biology today is molecular based and college courses and scientists use these same technologies. This helps to develop skills our students will utilize in the future and better prepare them for college and industry experience.
  • I am beyond excited about this stuff… We need to continue amazing programs like this!! So important and relevant! And needed!
  • It was good to see modern equipment, my chemistry degree is 10 years old, so now i can explain things more accurately.

Business and Community Comments

“As a past high school principal and current director overseeing the Simi Valley partnership for Career Education, I am so impressed with the resources and opportunities organized by Marybeth Jacobsen and the Workforce Education Coalition. These Essential Career Connections are part of a national initiative to make school curriculum relevant and experiential. In her partnerships with local businesses, Marybeth has done outstanding work in in-servicing teachers in high need industry sectors, providing relevant resources integrated in school curriculum, and arranging life changing experiences for students in our community!

Thank you Marybeth for your vision, leadership, and the outstanding work you are doing with the Workforce Education Coalition, the partnerships you have created in our community, and making a positive difference in our local economy.”  –  Wendy Mayea, Assistant Director of Student Support

  • “It is a great way to expose students to employers and for employers to see what the workforce holds.”
  • “This venue provides insights from industry leaders that can be used immediately to help you chart your course.”
  • “You will meet connections in industry and possibly find job shadowing, internships and/or jobs.”
  • “If you’re not sure what you want to do as a career, there are many people who can help. As an employer, you get to meet many great students that are motivated.”
  • “We have some amazing young men and women in our county.”
  • “This is a great opportunity to share advice with talented high school students that have a passion about their future.”
  • “Position yourself for success. Set yourself apart from your peers. Attend this event!”