Entrée to Employment

Every month students and professionals from a different industry sector dine together to explore career pathways.  Over 1,000 students and professionals participate annually.

In collaboration with the Ventura County Office of Education, CalLutheran University, Cal State University Channel Islands, and various dinner sponsors,  the  WEC hosts monthly student dinners that showcase a different industry sector each month.  The WEC coordinates business partner participation in the dinners.

Approximately 125 business professionals, students and teachers participate in each dinner. Over 1,000  students and adults have attended an Entree to Employment program.

The dinner series is designed to give students and teachers an opportunity to spend an evening in conversation with professionals who work in a career of interest to them. Topics discussed typically include skills required to work in the sector, the availability of jobs in that month’s sector, and the diversity of employment opportunities within the sector.

Before and after each dinner, students get to hone their networking skills in a realistic business setting. With some guidance from  adults, students learn basic business social skills like how to properly shake hands, and how to initiate and maintain a conversation with a new business acquaintance.

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October 18           Business, Finance, & Marketing

November 15        Information and Communications Technology

December 7          Arts, Media, & Entertainment (Cancelled)

January 18            Public Service (Cancelled)

February 28          Education

March 14             Clean Green

March 21              Arts, Media, & Entertainment

April 11                Hospitality

April 25                Engineering & Energy

May 17                 Health Science & Medical Technology


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