WEC Board

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Stephanie Caldwell

Ventura Chamber of Commerce


Caroline Gibson

Alignment Marketing Strategies

“The WEC partners our educators, schools and universities with the companies that hire to insure the children of today are properly educated for the jobs of tomorrow. I invest in the WEC for my children and yours.”


Brian Miller

Supervisor Foy’s Office, District 4, Ventura County (Secretary)

“The old saying, “The World is one’s Oyster” has never been more true for this current generation of students. Academically, they are performing at very high levels however, some still need guidance when it comes to seeking career choices. The Workforce Education Coalition has been meeting this challenge by providing hands-on tours to students in a wide variety of career alternatives. Young adults who see these facilities first hand, come away with a renewed sense of purpose and can visualize their path forward a little more clearly… whether that be college or possibly a trade school.”


Israel Rodriguez

Small Manufacturers Association


Ernie Villegas

Villegas Public Affairs
Fillmore Chamber of Commerce

“I’m proud to be associated with the Workforce Education Coalition (WEC) mainly because they are action-oriented and focused on bringing the public/private sectors together to establish effective programs for career technology. There are career pathways being developed by our school system, but no mechanism to drive this towards providing the necessary hands-on experience our businesses and industries need for the present and the future. WEC does exactly that, and we are building momentum!”


Bill Cunneen

U.S. Navy, Ret’d (Vice Chair)


Matt Guthrie

Supervisor Long's Office, District 3, Ventura County


Bernardo Perez

Ventura County Community College Board (Chair)


Kay Runnion

Ventura County Coastal Ass’n Realtors, Ret’d.

“The Workforce Education Coalition (WEC) is a wonderful way to help the young people of Ventura County find out the types of jobs/careers that are available in their community.”


Honorary Board


Congresswoman Julia Brownley

California’s 26th Congressional District


Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin

California’s 44th Assembly District


Mayor Bob Huber

City of Simi Valley


Congressman Steve Knight

California’s 25th Congressional District


Supervisor Peter Foy

Ventura County Fourth District

Guild X Chairs


Kevin Kehoe

IT Guild X Co-Chair
Saalex Information Technology, LLC

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Chuck Sedlacek

IT Guild X Co-Chair
American Technology Solutions